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Version: 1.x


The /werewolves command is the parent command for everything (except test commands)

Appearance commands


These commands can be used by everyone

the appearance of the werewolf forms can be configured over the Appearance Screen or these commands


Although the <form> parameter may accept the BEAST4L values it will have no effect

Eye appearance

/werewolves eye <form> <type>

  • <form>: one of BEAST or SURVIVAL
  • <type>: the eye texture id

Skin appearance

/werewolves skin <form> <type>

  • <form>: one of BEAST, SURVIVAL, HUMAN
  • <type>: the skin texture id

Glowing Eyes

/werewolves glowingEye <form> <on>

  • <form>: one of BEAST, SURVIVAL
  • <on> : true/false

Test commands


Test commands are cheat only

All test commands are extensions for /vampirism-test

Summon Minion

As Werewolf lord you can summon a werewolf minion.

/vampirism-test minion spawnNew werewolf [<name> [ <skinType> [ <eyeType> [ <glowingEye> [ <form>]]]]]

  • <name>: a name for the minion
  • <skinType>: the skin id for the minion
  • <eyeType>: the eye id for the minion
  • <glowingEye>: if the minion's eyes should glow
  • <form>: the werewolf form of the minion BEAST, SURVIVALIST, HUMAN or BEAST4L

Werewolf transform

With the following commands IWerewolfTransformable entities (such as Villager, Lycanthrope) can be transformed into or out of a werewolf form.

Into werewolf form

/vampirism-test werewolf-transform to-werewolf

This will transform all entities that can transform into werewolf form to transform into it. With this command they will be only a limited time in werewolf form.

Out of werewolf form

/vampirism-test werewolf-transform from-werewolf

This will transform all entities that can transform into human form into human form.