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Version: 1.x



Make sure to check out the Vampirism FAQ


This site may be extended with more questions

I can't level up

Check out the Leveling Wiki Page

Where/How can I equip accessories?

They can be equipped in the Vampirism Menu (default keybinding: P) in the 3 slots next to the player.
These accessories are completely unrelated to other mods.

I can't eat food items

By default, all non-meat items should not be editable by werewolf player unless the Not Meat? Skill

But my food item is a meat item

Then the item is not correctly declared. Check out here for a guide.

I have another question what should I do?

  1. Checkout this Wiki
  2. Checkout the Vampirism Wiki
  3. Checkout our Vampirism/Werewolves Discord