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Version: 1.x


Refinements are skill/action/general de-/buffs that can be equipped using Accessories. They come as set of multiple refinements that contains buffs and de-buffs.

For Vampire Refinements go here

Skill/Action Refinements


Damage boost and extended timer after killing creatures


Faster health regeneration

Stun Bite

Stun duration increased

Bleeding Bite

Bleeding Bite does faster damage

Howling/Wolf Pack

More Wolfs are summoned by the howling action

Movement Tactics

Increases doge rate

Werewolf Forms

Increase transformation time

Survival Form

Increase survival transformation time

Beast Form

Increase beast transformation time

General Refinements

There are 3 buffs and 3 de-buffs of each following types

  • Armor
  • Movement Speed
  • Health
  • Attack Damage
  • Attack Speed