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Version: 1.x


Werewolves utilizes Forge's permissions system for a few actions. Thereby it should be compatible with Forge based permission mods as well as SpongeForge's permission system.

Available permissions

  • werewolves.check Should be given to all players. Used to check if permissions system works
  • werewolves.form Allow player to transfer be in werewolf form
  • werewolves.form.transform Allow player to transfer into werewolf form
  • werewolves.bite Bite Entities
  • werewolves.bite.player Bite Player (just used if werewolves.bite permission is given)
  • werewolves.infect Infect other Player with Lupus Sanguinem
  • vampirism.action.* Allow a player to use the specific action (e.b. vampi~~~~rism.action.vampirism.bat) (inherited from vampirism)