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Version: 1.x



  • can transform into different Werewolf Forms
  • act as faction-less if not transformed
  • only when transforming into a werewolf most of the buffs/de-buffs takes effect
  • blocks some of the incoming damage
  • penetrate some armor with attacks
  • can bite in werewolf form which can penetrate armor

Werewolf Form

The main thing about the a werewolf player is that you can transform yourself into werewolf forms. But you can only use the full potential of the werewolf form if it is night. At day the form is weaker and the transformation time is limited.

Different Forms

Partial Turn

This form is the most basic one and only adds claws and ears to the player model. It also adds some attribute modifier.

Beast Form

This form is made for battle as it provides stronger physical attributes, especially more damage and resistance.

Survival Form

This form is mode for speed as it provides stronger physical attributes, especially more movement speed.


Leveling is done by performing rituals with the help of sacrifices

Leveling Page

Lord Leveling

Once reaching level 14 you can become werewolf lord by completing tasks for the werewolf representative in villages

Lord Page


Like any other faction Werewolves can unlock several skills

Werewolf Skills

Skill/Action Introduction