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Version: 1.x


Werewolves is highly configurably, like Vampirism.


Go here for all configuration options

Configuration Files

Werewolves's configuration is split across several files:

  • werewolves-client.toml (located in .minecraft/config/) for client specific options
  • werewolves-common.toml (located in .minecraft/config/) for common options
  • werewolves-server.toml (located in <world-dir>/serverconfig/) for gameplay options per world
  • werewolves-balance.toml (located in <world-dir>/serverconfig/) for fine-tuning of the balancing per world

If you want to change the world specific options before creating a world, either to change world-generation or to change it for all created worlds, you can use the defaultconfigs folder. It is located in your .minecraft or server directory. Copy a server or balance config from an existing world to this folder and change the values as desired. It will be used for new worlds.

Meat configuration

Because werewolf player are bound to eat meat items they may find themselves with items from other mods that can not be eaten. This can be caused by a missing isMeat flag by the mod or a missing entry in the cookedmeats or rawmeats item tag.

To allow there items to be eaten anyway there are 4 options you could take:

  1. add the item ids the customRawMeatItems or customMeatItems config options in the server config depending on the fact if it is a raw or cooked meat. (and optionally option 3)
  2. add the item ids to the rawmeats or cookedmeats item tag via a datapack .(and optionally option 3)
  3. contact us in the w-chatroom channel on the Vampirism Discord Server with the item ids, so we may add them for future releases.
  4. contact the mod author of the item to mark the item as meat


Using appropriate server mods/plugins certain actions can also be controlled with permissions. See Permissions

Configuration options

Disable screen overlays rendering

  • disableScreenFurRendering to disable the fur border when in werewolf form
  • disableFangCrosshairRendering to disable the crosshair replacement of the werewolf fangs